Learning Diary

This selection of entries forms a critical research journal and reflective record of my learning on the Writing for Script and Screen Masters Programme at Falmouth University.

The First: No alarm and no surprises

Beautiful shot and thoughtful, The First ultimately hits all the beats you expect it too, with no surprises. The First ...
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Reflect and regroup

Just before I begin my next module, I want to take a while to reflect on what I learned during ...
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Week seven: Screenwriting culture in the digital age

Writing is an odd beast, both influenced and unchanged by technology. On the surface, the outcome of writing is for ...
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Week six: first draft

First Draft It's been perfect first-draft-writing weather. Nothing to tempt me from the keyboard except to make more coffee and ...
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Week five: How we tell stories

The step outline is my new best friend. I've spent a bit of time figuring out the best way to ...
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Let women tell their own stories

When I saw the list of new drama commissioned by ITV this year I was heartened to see the focus ...
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Week four: Screenwriting history and a deadline

This week I've written my first treatment. Previously I have been so eager to get writing the script I have ...
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Ruth Wilson in Dark River

Dark River

I've just come back from watching a preview of Dark River, Clio Barnard's new film, and hearing Clio speak about ...
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Week three: Moving things on

Embarking on this course was with a couple of objectives in mind. To develop a creative practice where I am ...
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Week two: writing an outline

Right, an outline. See, this is confusing because I suppose my idea of outlining comes from writing prose fiction, and ...
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This is a Relective Journal for the MA in Writing for Script and Screen at Falmouth University. It is part of an accredited education programme and created for educational purposes. As it has an educational purpose, it will contain images and texts created by Deborah Halsey as well as images, texts, and/or other content created by others. Content not created by Deborah Halsey will be fully credited including, where possible, the author, title, year, and source. (In accordance with Falmouth University guidelines.)