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Ruth Wilson in Dark River

Dark River

I've just come back from watching a preview of Dark River, Clio Barnard's new film, and hearing Clio speak about ...
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Meet me at dawn

My reading for this weekend was the brilliant and utterly heartbreaking, Meet Me at Dawn by Zinnie Harris. This play ...
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Rita, Sue and Bob Too Production Photos Photo Credit : The Other Richard

Rita, Sue and Bob Too

In November of last year I saw Andrea Dunbar's Shirley performed at Halifax's Square Chapel so when a tour of ...
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I wrote to survive – I am my reader

Astra Bloom's Wild Horses of Suburbia is the real thing. Please read it. Support working class writers. Our stories can ...
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Hanna by Sam Potter

What's a play? This short play by Sam Potter is a one-woman performance of the story of a child, accidentally ...
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Don’t write the first episode, write the third episode

Don't write the first episode, write the third episode I've heard Sally Wainwright say this a few times. The gist ...
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Cultural exchange

I used to teach undergrads on a Graphic Design BA and the most important piece of advice I could give ...
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