Why I write

I have always been obsessed by storytelling. As a child I had a writing desk and a favourite pen and a notebook, and I wrote. I had to write. Pretty much nothing has changed. I write every day. I have to write. It’s a compulsion.

Recently I heard the glorious Sarah Lancashire talking about acting in the same terms. She said she acts because she has to, like a painter must paint, or a writer must write. I have never considered my writing thus. I’ve always seen it as a thing I sort of tinker with from time to time, and never really do anything with. So I have decided to not do that any more. I am publishing my writing here. I am writing purposefully, regularly, habitually.

The only theme of this blog is that it is content I have created, so it may seem a little eclectic at times, but hopefully interesting to someone. And if not I have lost nothing, because I would have been writing this stuff anyway.