Recently, I have discovered a phenomenon called the studyblr. What the hell is that? I hear you ask (unless you already know then, obviously, kudos). What it is, my friend, is a thing that makes my heart sing.

A studyblr is basically the same thing as people photographing their lunch and bunging it on Instagram. Except it is so much more than that. Studyblrs find their home on Tumblr (hence the name). They basically fetishise stationery, note taking, being a smart girl. I say girl because I haven’t yet seen a studyblr by a boy. I’m sure there are some. Boys should be proud of their neatly written, colour coded notes too. But, thus far, predominantly female.

Why I love it

I love stationery. I love the practical and aesthetically satisfying application of lovely stationery products. Like William Morris, I see beauty in the usefulness of things.

But there’s more, and this is the really important bit: it’s girls talking about education, talking about school, giving each other help to make notes, work efficiently, plan their time. They’re supporting each other when they think the class they’ve taken is too hard. They are offering each other advice. They are teaching each other study skills, pooling information, creating resources for each other. They are celebrating their education. Sure, yes, they’re taking photos of their immaculate workspaces full of Zebra mildliners, Muji gel pens and Moleskines, but that’s the hook. The message is that these are real girls, real women, creating a supportive community in which to thrive.

Why are educators not all over this? It’s amazing and creative and so, so heartwarming.