When I found out about Mosquitoes it was fully booked, but the gradual release of a few tickets and my willingness to head down to London for a Saturday matinee, meant I was lucky enough to see it.

I think Mosquitoes is one of the most visually impressive plays I have ever seen, played in the round at the National Theatre’s Dorfman Theatre, it has a large disc suspended above the stage and a light show which accompanies elements of narration. Science and psychology collide in this play from Lucy Kirkwood in which two sisters, living very different lives, try to get along.

Whilst the themes of the play are complex and emotional, there’s an awful lot of humour in it and I think that’s my biggest take away, really. We are a funny species. We use humour throughout the most difficult periods of our lives, sometimes inappropriately. It’s sometimes a crutch, sometimes armour. But it’s there. A story without humour lacks humanity.