Dark River

Ruth Wilson in Dark River

I’ve just come back from watching a preview of Dark River, Clio Barnard’s new film, and hearing Clio speak about the making of the film and it’s pretty much all I can think about. I love the look of this film. The score is sparse with the sounds of the landscape making up a great… Continue reading Dark River

Rita, Sue and Bob Too

Rita, Sue and Bob Too Production Photos Photo Credit : The Other Richard

In November of last year I saw Andrea Dunbar’s Shirley performed at Halifax’s Square Chapel so when a tour of Rita, Sue and Bob Too was announced, following a run at the Royal Court, I knew I had to see it. The play is a hilarious story, but it’s tragic too. The potential of Rita,… Continue reading Rita, Sue and Bob Too

Hanna by Sam Potter

What’s a play? This short play by Sam Potter is a one-woman performance of the story of a child, accidentally sent home from the hospital with the wrong family as an infant, and the chaos that ensues when the mistake is discovered. Sadly, I didn’t to see this performed, but the story is so compelling,… Continue reading Hanna by Sam Potter

Don’t write the first episode, write the third episode

Don’t write the first episode, write the third episode I’ve heard Sally Wainwright say this a few times. The gist of it being that you enter into the throw of the action, not before it begins. You can tell the story of how we got here numerous ways, but it’s the being here that’s important.… Continue reading Don’t write the first episode, write the third episode

Cultural exchange

I used to teach undergrads on a Graphic Design BA and the most important piece of advice I could give my students was: don’t consume only creative work by your own peers, from your own industry, in order to feed your creativity. That’s cannibalism. Read, go to the theatre, look at art, listen to music.… Continue reading Cultural exchange